Can't Install PreForm 2.2.0

When I try to install PreForm 2.2.0 on Windows 7 X64 I get an error that PreForm is already running. I have verified that it is not in the task manager. I’ve also restarted the PC and tried installing but get the same result. Has anyone else has seen this problem? I’ll be trying on my laptop tomorrow hopefully.

I just tried to install 2.2.0. Same problem. I can not install it either.

Same problem on my second computer running Win 10 X64.

I just get the same problem.The window topic is “Preform is runing,please close it first”.
But I didn’t open Preform.

My PC spec is windows 10 X64

Same here on Dell Win7 64bit machine. Says it’s already running … it’s not. Reboot does not help.

Same problem.

same problem on Win10 64bit

Had the same problem, even after a reboot. Try renaming the downloaded file (e.g. to “PreForm 2.2.0.exe”) and then running it. Seemed to work for me.

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Works for me Thanks!

Yep that works. Thank you!

Tried renaming it and I still get an error saying “A later version of Bonjour is already installed on this computer” But it seemed to work. When I open preform, it says that it is version 2.2.0. Not sure what Bonjour is.

I would be that comes up almost all of the time. It’s not really an error, it’s simply telling you that you are good to go because the version of Bonjour included in the installer package is older than what you have already. Not sure why they have not updated to use the newer version of Bonjour, but I’m not a software developer either.

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