Can you cure twice?

I have a part that’s like cup. the bottom inside always comes out sticky. i assume its because its upside down when curing. now that raft and supports are off could i lay it down and recur, its rigid 4000 material. thx

of course, why not?
Or you can also let it out in the sun for some time

Hello @badseed -

You can certainly cure your part twice. If you have a UV light you can spot cure the inside after curing the rest of the part, or run it for a short cycle, or just leave it under a light for a while.

I’d also recommend spot cleaning interior surfaces with a squeeze bottle to make sure there’s as little partially cured resin before the cure cycle.

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Even though we use the Form Cure (which does a very nice job) I still find myself curing twice on occasion.

For me (and I’m not any kind of 3D printing aficionado) I sometimes want to cure before I remove supports, as they are brittle and snap off cleaner after curing. But the UV light often doesn’t get in all the nooks and crannies between the raft and the part. So I cure once, remove supports, and then rotate the part and cure again.


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