Can someone print a sample part for me? I'm in Louisville, KY

Can someone print a sample part for me?  I currently have a Dimension FMD machine but the resolutions isn’t good enough for this part.  I have ordered a Form1 but won’t get it until March or later.

I would gladly pay for the sample part.  I want to see if this printer will do what I expect.  I have attached the STL file for this part.

The part is a small propellar.


David Cook

New Angle Design Goup

please email me at:



I had a look out of curiosity, but it’s a STEP file, not an STL file, so there’s not much I can do with it. Apart from that, I’m from the Netherlands, so I’m not sure if it would help you much if I printed and sent it to you. If noone else chimes in, I’m happy to try it for you though!


I was just takin a peek at it, but I have 10 hours to go on a print right now and doubt I’ll have much resin remaining after. But I converted it to an STL & will attach it


Hi David,

I can print this for you. Please contact me at mongerdesigns at live dot com and I’ll give you a quote.