Looking for someone to make a small sample (I will pay)

Hello, I already own a couple of FDM machines, but I’m looking forward to buying a Form1.

I will be very thankful if someone can make a small sample (0.2cm3) and send it to me - I live in Europe.

Of course I will pay for the part, shipping and everything. Here is a screenshot of the model.

Thanks and Merry Christmas!!

Plamen Barzakov

Hi there,

I can help you print that. Would you please contact me at pazu (AT) mechaworks (DOT) org



I dropped you an email.

Thank you very much!

Hey Plamen,

If Teck doesn’t work out for you, send me a copy at dyjax@expensivehabitengineering. and I can shoot you a quote

Thank you for the gracious offer, Dylan. But it’s taken care of. :slight_smile: