Need for sample printout

Hi everyone,

Did you already get your Form 1?

We are looking for a small piece to be made with your Form 1

The piecie will be rather small - radio button / lightguide or anything we agree via mail.

Please send me an email, preferably if you’re in Europe, (But the rest of the world is welcome as well, if no-one in Europe reads this post).

Send your mail to together with your price for printing our sample and shipping to POLAND.

Once we are both agree on your price, we will send you an STL file by Email. the piece must be made on a Form 1 Printer (that’s the whole idea) with best

resolution. It would be lovely to know how many ml of the  liquid has been used and how much time it took to print.



Hey Jakub,

I have been printing quite a few people test prints.  Email me at and I’ll get you a quote.

Dylan Jackson

Expensive Habit Engineering


I saw your post and sent you an email earlier today.  Let me know if you didn’t get it and I’ll resend.



Hey Whitt,

If you could resend your email, I got it the first time but recently switched domain hosts and lost most of my inbox