Do you have a Form 1? We pay you for a sample

Hi everyone,

Did you already get your Form 1?

We are looking for a small piece to be made with your Form 1

It’ll be a piece of approx 70x70x70mm.

Please send me an email, preferably if you’re in Europe, (But the rest of the world is welcome as well, if no-one in Europe reads this post).

Send your mail to renaud (at) together with your price for printing our sample and shipping to Germany.

Once we are both agree on your price, we will send you an STL file by Email. the piece must be made on a Form 1 Printer (that’s the whole idea) with 0.05 resolution. You should tell us how many ml of the clear liquid has been used and how much time it took to print.



Hi everyone,

thanks to John, Michael and Dylan, who have offered us to make some testprints, they’re all from the US, so we have to wait a little longer for the items to arrive in Germany, but that’s alright.

Hopefully the samples are good enough and we’ll soon be able to decide which 3D printer we’ll buy, the Form 1 is definitely on top of the list.

When we do our subsurface glass engravings, we don’t have to worry about support structures and closed meshes, so all of this is exciting and new to us. Have a look at (english) or , if you don’t have an idea what 3D Laser Photos are… :slight_smile:

Thanks again

Etienne Renaud