Can not open the orang cover

Hello everyone.
Today I bought a new printer first generation. Such has not been any use. The orange cover is cracked and when I try to open it it hangs on building platform.
Please I need help because I want to already start printing.
Thanks in advance watches.

Arik — if you cover arrived damaged, you should contact our support team at and they can arrange a replacement for you. It’s tough to understand your specific issue without photos, but your printer should function with a cracked cover, though we do not recommend that you use it w/o speaking with our support team.

I have too problems .
one is that the cover crack and the other is that i can not open the cover , it touch in the buildig platforme .

Yikes. You should definitely get in touch w/ our support team. They’ll help you out and see what options you have. Looking at your pictures, the build platform has slid forward, which is preventing the cover from opening. It looks like there may have been some shipping damage that jerked it forward.

'll Get in touch with a support .
I thought I might open the orange cover screws and check why building platform moves forward.
What do you think about this?