Can I use isobutanol instead of isopropanol (IPA)

Hello everyone,

I actually ordered IPA (isopropanol propan-2-ol) but received isobutanol (2-methylpropan-1-ol).
Should I return it or does it works anyway ?

It is actually kind of oily (the bottle was leaking in the package) but conpletely evaporates without leaving residues (on hands at least).

Apparently it’s a mix, 95% isopropanol and 5% isobutanol from the datasheet , so I’ll give it a try.

You probably don’t need to order it, it should be easily available at a grocery store or drug store.

Thanks for the reply.
Here in Switzerland it’s unfortunately not that simple.
Even in our Home Depot equivalents you can’t find IPA.

Really? No fuel alcohol in Switzerland?

At least not isopropanol in large quantities.
I can find it by the 100 ml but for larger quantities it’s hard to find.
One good source can be Amazon Germany.
or more specific for isopropanol:

Thanks for the answer too, I’ve contacted them via email.
They can’t ship to switzerland (special authorisation need for the customs, etc.)

But I’ve found the exact same bottles on and first I’ll try what I received (95% isopropanol, 5% isobutanol).