For sale - IPA, 99.7% - UK only

Hey Folks,

I have around 150L individually bottled in 1L bottles of IPA that I got from RS components a while back. It’s marked as electrical component cleaner but it’s just 99.7% IPA in a snazzy white bottle. As this is in short supply I’m offering it up to the UK community (sorry I can’t ship it overseas due to it’s volatility) to help other folk out.

£17.50 incl postage for 1L
£30 incl postage for 2L

Will be posted 1st class recorded.

Post below if you are interested and I’ll get back to you.

All the best.

Wow, its great to see that you have so much IPA!! But the price? 10L of 99.7% IPA before the pandemic was available for £30 delivered…

DPM is currently available in the UK for around £35 - £40 for 5L

Are you sure you can ship it via Royal Mail? You mention 1st class recorded - which is a Royal mail service) - Its on their list of prohibited items and they will only ship 50ml at a time.

Out of interest what is the RS part number?

Oh boy, lots of questions! Ok lets get fired into these,

  • I’m aware of the price before the pandemic. If you can find IPA at that price right now then I suggest snapping it up!

  • I’ve tried DPM, wasn’t a huge fan. Thought I’d offer this up in case anyone else was in a similar boat

  • I’m sure. I’ve shipped several bottles. But if you have a preferred carrier then by all means let me know and I’ll let you know what the price would be with them

RS part number 227-4427 however it will throw up a “not found” page as they have no idea when they are getting more in (I know as I asked about future supplies).

You can purchase 5L for just over £30 from lots of websites…
Really doesn’t seem like you’re just trying to “help other folk out”. You may have even stocked up before the pandemic in the hopes of price gouging. I’d understand buying it if you actually had plans to use it, but considering your selling 150L of it…

Or perhaps I run my printers commercially and stock up a lot on materials when I order.

You know what, fine. It’s no longer for sale. Thought I was doing something that might have helped someone out that was in a pickle and was looking for some IPA but I guess not.


Wow - Incredible response… It fails to make sense that you bought 150 off 1L bottles “to stock up on materials as you print commercially” If you wanted to stock up and do it sensibly then a barrel (200L) would have saved a LOT of money and space, equally buying the IPA in 20L containers would have helped again in both respects, but to buy 150 bottles of 1L does not make sense if it was intended for your own use.

Sorry, but the more you write then the bigger the questions that are asked. I too wonder if it was just an attempt to overcharge the 3D printing community. At least now you will have lots of IPA for yourself.

I hope the admins leave this thread up and running to let users make up their own mind, especially as the thread contains some good links

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Good news - RS have it back in stock and its only £16 per Litre (single bottle) (Gary wanted £17.50) o

The only downside is that according to the safety data sheet its purity could be between 100% and 60%

As of this morning they have got a lot in stock!!

The 1L bottles are a lot easier to handle than a 200L drum. Quite frankly I don’t care if you believe me or not. I wasn’t looking to make a quick buck at all.

Great that it’s back in stock at RS. You can now source it yourself.

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