Where to find IPA in Europe

Hi all!

As many European customers ask us where they can find local suppliers of IPA, we made a list.
It’s a list of suppliers of large quantities of IPA at a low price.

Feel free to leave a comment if you have another recommendation.

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Really? It’s not the most troublesome compound to source.
FWIW I usually buy mine from http://www.cfsnet.co.uk/ but there’s many, many suppliers even just in the UK.


Thank you for sharing !
It is not so easy for everyone to find it in quantity and at a fair price (£3.95 / L is a bit expensive in my opinion). We all (Formlabs, but also users) need to make it easier for newcomers to use SLA 3D Printer, sharing tips and suppliers move in that direction :muscle:

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Yup. But I can find even worse prices for small amounts than that… http://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/precision-cleaners-degreasers/2274427/ for example.

It’s something I go through in fair amounts so I usually buy volumes with better price breaks - 1l isn’t going to do enough for 2 rinse tanks if you’re making larger prints.

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Dunno who else this may help, but here in Bucharest, the easiest supply of pure isopropanol is electronic component shops, where tinkerers go to buy circuit-making materials, LEDs, etc. etc. (kind of like Fry’s Electronics or what Radio Shack in the US used to be). I just picked up a 5 liter jug for about 20 Euro.

90 % is available in Walgreens low priced
in the USA

In the UK its as easy as Amazon on small amounts, here 5L 99%… http://amzn.eu/cpuYjQ0

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Great link @ESpy handy for lots of other stuff I will need. To use the Form 2 (currently on the way) to Print molds for conventional cold casting too.

Suggested some edits for the Swiss providers.

I think all these questions are probably due to a terminology issue. IPA isn’t a term widely used outside or english speaking countries. Isopropanol is seen as well as Isopropyl and even “ISO alcohol” which is plain wrong but still used in some shops. RS components has it referenced as “Precision Cleaner & Degreaser for PCBs” but the can clearly says Isopropyl Alcohol.