Can I turn off the beeps whilst printing?

The beep at the end of each printing cycle is driving my office neighbours nuts.

Is it normal?

Can I turn it off?



Do you mean the sound of the peel motor going up? If so, no… If you mean an actual beep then make a video of the sound please.

This video highlights the beeping, it seems to be each time the platform shifts vertically:

“beep” at ~9secs and 19 secs

That is the sound of the stepper motor. Nothing to be done about it.

It does sound like the stepper/peel motor, however, it does have a much higher pitch than my printer. Perhaps try lubing it with PTFE grease

Totally normal. If you go to Formlabs site it even has an audio file exactly like the one you recorded showing the sounds of your printer.

My neighbors tell me it reminds them of being in a hospital. Like an oxygen machine or something haha.

Thats exactly it! The machine than goes ping (Monty Python).

Its the “[0:17] MOTOR HUM - BUILD PLATFORM RESET:” - more of a beep than a hum if you ask me …

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