"Built-in" dust on the main mirror

Took a look inside my Form 2 with a flashlight through the glass window.
I was expecting a completely dust-free chamber (that’s the whole point of it being sealed, right?), but what i’ve seen is very far from dust free.

The size of the dust particles seems pretty small, and i haven’t had much issues with dust of that size on my previously owned Form1+, so it remains to be seen if there’s going to be a noticeable impact on print quality.

Left a test butterfly print running, will see tomorrow (almost 4am and crashing).

Oh, BTW, happy Easter everyone!

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How did it go? And I would wonder why they would seal it with dust… I should get mine in a couple weeks and I will check the mirror as well

It went well. No visible artifacts in the print.
If the dust is limited to the main mirror chamber and it’s all the same size as this, i guess it’s fine.

I noticed the same thing !!
Hasn’t affected print quality though unlike with Form1.

On Form1+ dust on the main (largest) mirror was mostly just causing streaks vertical here and there, if the dust particles were really really big. Otherwise there was no huge issues.

It was the dust on the smaller mirror and galvos that caused actual printing problems.

But yeah, it mostly comes down to dust particle size, IMHO.
The dust in Form2 seems to be small enough it has no effect.

On the subject - the acrylic cover seems to accumulate a static electric charge quite easily. Even more so than the one on Form1+ for some reason. This causes dust to build up on it really really fast. It’s mostly just an aesthetic issue, but i found it interesting.

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Yes I noticed some dust too, on the underside of the glass and on the main mirror. Not a lot, but seeing as the chamber is sealed it surprised me.

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