Building right off the platform

what is the process for building right off the platform using soft resin(like rubber)

As far as I know you import the part into preform, orient it how you want and hit send to printer without generating supports.

This usually does not work well, depending on size directly on the platform as the peeling process may suffer due to high peeling pressure. Also you may find some dimensional inaccuracy in the z axis as the first couple of layers are different than the rest.

As @gjgomes mentioned, you can print things directly on the platform without generating supports, but this tends to impact dimensional accuracy and reliability. The first 5mm of a print are over-compressed and over-exposed to improve adhesion, so parts printed directly on the platform will be slightly squished in the Z axis and may be less accurate for the first few millimeters.

thanks that’s what I needed to know just wasn’t sure how it would work out.

I wanted to build in platform too due to the support dots which I hate them make it look ugly, I tried sanding on PLA when I was using FDM machine and it never go well, I still had one of the 1000 grit wet sanding paper which I tried and I was amazed how the surface finish without any marks, So now back to printing with Support and safe side using 0.60 point size

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