Building a Brick Pillar Stand-up or lay down

Is it best to Stand Models UP or Lay them down for overall printer wear and economy in the long term?
All the best Chris

You know you need to generate supports, right?

Generally, better results will be achieved when you print objects at an angle. The printing process itself works best this way.

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For a print like this I would try fully standing up straight. At an angle the backside of the brickwork will look terrible.

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These are obviously parts of a bigger model, so I would want to understand how they fit into the complete model before advising what would be best. Economy in the long term is not an issue that many of us are concerned with, the printers either work or they don’t. Usually the concern is getting the best possible print from the printer.

For instance the best way of printing the wall on the right would be vertically, but there will be problems with the horizontal surfaces on the door lintel and the ventilator. I would suggest adding a door, or if this was to be a void in the finished model, then at least a continuous sacrificial support under the lintel. The ventilator I would print separately with the bars vertical.


It looks like the grooves between the bricks are deep enough that Preform is complaining the individual bricks are unsupported.

I would put the brick wall at a shallower angle; shallow enough that the orange lines in the grooves go away (maybe around 30-45°). The previous comments are correct that the backside will have a lot of support marks and will require sanding.

You might also want to mention whether you’re printing this on a Form 2 or Form 3.

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Good morning All, thank you very much for the advice, I used to run a Stratasys Eden where the support was a different material, so laying parts down on the Bed of the machine was the most economical. Sold that year’s ago.
Now with a New Form 3 in house, I am trying to learn how best for economy of material and the best quality parts, I should set up the angles of the parts. Yesterday built Wall Sections more or less vertical (offset by 10 Deg each axis,)
Took around 16 hours, for 6 parts, today building one part, plus two other small parts Laid flat then offset by 20 Deg each axis. 6.5 hours estimated. So I will see how these compare and take a view. Appreciate the comments about cleaning up the support side, I must say I am pleased with overall result, as one side will be inside the building. Some great suggestions for making separate ventilator etc. Easy to do, will be rethinking my CAD techniques over the next few builds. Any comment on minimum wall sections would be welcome, at the moment, using 3mm less the brick courses both sides at 0.6mm leaves 1.8mm core thickness.
Thanks All the best for new year CHRIS