Build platform not working sometimes

Its been several prints now where my build platform has only like a 50% chance of actually holding onto my print. Is there any means of resurfacing it at all. I’m considering a light scuffing using a mid grade sand paper to give it a slightly less smooth surface to grab hold of.

You can definitely lightly scuff the build platform with 120 to 220 grit for better adhesion.

I found that scuffing with 120 makes Rigid Resin pretty much impossible to get off.

The issue might be that you need to adjust the z axis or initial layer height - I would open a ticket with support to troubleshoot appropriately.

Hello there! Just to reiterate what the poster above me added, I would absolutely reach out to our support team below. There are a few much simpler things we can try before we resort to the sandpaper. :slight_smile:

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