Build platform Cap seal leak

During printing the seal on the sides caps of the $99 build platform keep failing resulting in the housing filling with resin. The problem persists even after cleaning and putting resecuring the caps with their gaskets. Anyone else having this issue? Tt has happened on two different brand new build platforms and caused at least one failed print. annoying! I’m thinking of glueing the caps/gaskets shut so that the platform doesn’t fill with resin again.

RTV silicone around the gasket will seal it to prevent it from happening again. I have had to do this.

You will need to use a small drill bit (e.g. 1/16" or 1 mm) to drill a vent hole in one of the plastic sides, else the pressure may pop it off again before the silicone cures. After the plastic side is in position, you can then use aluminum or PET tape to seal the vent hole.

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Does this have negative reaction with the resins?

I’m asking because I’ve seen some users post about using certain types of adhesives to prevent the VAT’s from leaking and eventually the resin caused some chemical reaction that made it fall apart.

RTV silicone is non-reactive. I’m also not sure what you mean by “fall apart” as the build platform is made of aluminum. The side panels are some type of plastic and the gaskets we’re adhering to the inside are also silicone.

I said I was referring to the VAT where people were trying to stop it from leaking.

Same here, but I didn’t need the silicon, just a vent hole to let pressure out as it warms up.

Thanks, for the tip on the vent hole. seems like it would be best to put a vent hole in the top so that it doesn’t fill with resin or IPA wash machine. is that where you put yours?

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