Build Platform 2 Cleaning question (Form 3+)

I have printed a few parts using the new build platform and really like the part removal benefit.

However, I noticed while cleaning the build platform 2 that there is a layer of residual resin between the spring steel and the build platform main body. Is it recommended to remove the spring steel and fully clean both parts after every print? (little bit of a hassle). Or just when switching between different resins.

I’m always concerned with potentially semi cured resin in the tank as that tends to interfere with the LPU causing failed prints. To be safe I’ve been cleaning both parts after every print but like i said its a bit of a hassle compared to the normal build platform.

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Hi @JOSHV13,

Thank you for getting in touch! It is only necessary to clean in between the print surface and the build platform body when switching between different types of resins. For more context on this, please see Cleaning the Build Platform 2 before printing with the same resin.

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I would agree you can leave the Build platform 2 between prints, but I have noticed if you do not print everyday, it is worth taking off the S.Steel plate and check nothing has started to ‘Cure’
The print plate surface needs to be very clean, with no ‘dribbles’ of resin left in place. Hope this helps, and welcome.

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I’m experiencing something strange with the BP2: after a few prints and washes… liquid (IPA) seems to have soaked into the BP2 unit (when shaking, I hear the liquid).
But I’ve not found a way to get it out.
When I took off the stainless steel plate, I have found a minuscule hole (even too small to get in with a needle or syringe) and when slowly warming up the BP2 (without the print surface) it seems to force the liquid out.
Is there a way to disassemble the unit to clean it out completely?

Hi @olce,

Please see my response in this thread: Form 3 Build Platform 2 review.

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