Build plate paint flaking off, making prints fail

Who had the idea of painting the sides of the build plate in black ?

Of course corrosive resins and cleaning with IPA is going to ruin it and make it peel-off at some point !
Is that a way to coax us into buying new ones ? Meh… not sure.
I think it’s just a lack of experience with the hardware.

Not sure how they did with the Form 3… Oh wait ! it’s still the same !

Whay your not going on the LT tank? Its much more durable then the regular and its on service for a year or so.

You have mis-read.
I am talking about the build plate, not the vat.

ops :slight_smile:

Are you sure that there’s paint coming off the build platform? Can you show a pic of the platform?

I have 4 platforms which started bubbling and then flaking. They were about 6 months to a year old so I can confirm his experience. They are used almost daily.

We ended up removing the plastic inserts, sandblasting them and then filling the cavity with a casting resin.

Thanks for the advice.
For now, I have sanded the rotten paint and there seems to be no more flaking off.
I’ll consider your technique if the problem comes back.

What a silly idea they had to paint these things…

Just curious, which resins do you use? Never encountered anything like this with gray or black.

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