Bug when using 'Replace' on a 3mf model in Preform 3.30.0

As per the title, I’ve noticed that if I use ‘Replace’ on a 3mf model in Preform 3.30.0 the model isn’t replaced (ie no update of geometry). If I do the same on an STL model it works as intended. Is anyone else able to confirm this?

Hi @mrwakefield,

Thank you for getting in touch! I was actually able to reproduce this myself. It seems that replacing a model with a 3mf file does not work, but replacing a model (even a 3mf file) with an STL does work. I’ll go ahead and report this as a bug for our team to review, and I appreciate letting us know about this.

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Yes, that’s exactly what I found when testing. Glad you could reproduce the issue.

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