3MF Compatibility

Has anyone brought up why Preform does not have the ability to use the 3MF file extension? Seems like it would be a good idea for an update to the software since it’s a much more user friendly than the old stl extension.

Does anyone have extensive experience using the 3MF files?

Just curious…

It’s been brought up before years ago, 3mf wasn’t as trusted back then and basically a bunch of old school CAD gurus dismissed it as unnecessary, and from my perspective very ignorantly dismissed it at that. 3mf has proven itself over time and I think it’s about time that PreForm has 3mf support like pretty much every other slicer on the market. CAD programs are increasingly supporting 3mf export as well, Fusion 360, Cimatron (what we use), SolidWorks, etc… There really is no drawback to support 3mf other than some development time up front of course. STL files exported from certain programs do not have strict industry-wide standards for dimensional settings and sometimes errors occur, this is super common. We at PTA Plastics would love support for 3mf so it could streamline our processes internally, as we use a combination of HP MJF, Prusa’s, Stratasys and now FormLabs printers, all of which, except the FormLabs, supports 3mf.


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