Please add 3MF file importation support

It is time to add support for this file format.

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Hi @Klysmik,

Although I cannot guarantee that 3MF will be supported going forward, I can definitely pass this feedback along to the appropriate channels. Thank you for taking the time to share your request!

I agree.


Many say that STL is already dead and 3MF is the future in 3D printing. So formlabs will -have to- include it sooner or later

Hi all,

Thanks for sharing your feedback, I have officially submitted a feature request to our Software team. Again, I cannot guarantee any timelines but hope we can add functionality in the near future.

I’ve been hearing that since about 2009…


I also need to address this again.
Especially when printing with our new Fuse, where we directly print at least half a build chamber with different parts, saving individual stl files is sometimes very time-consuming.
We sometimes have assemblies with up to 20 individual parts that we now have to export one by one so that we can import them preform.
Meanwhile, I can save and open everything in a 3mf file for our FDM printers. It’s also easier this way to organise the design versions.
The support of 3mf files can’t come fast enough for us here.


I appreciate you flagging this request for us. I’ve gone ahead and submitted another feature request to help get more eyes on this topic. I can certainly see the value in being able to import multiple parts at once without using individual STL files, especially with the Fuse.

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