Brand New Form3 "PR_ERROR_GENERAL"

Hi all,

We run a number of Form3s and Form2s and have just purchased another Form3 to add to the farm.

The printer was unboxed and powered up yesterday - but it seems that were is something quite quite wrong with it. t refuses to home the Z axis, and the first screen we get after boot is in red ‘ERROR’ - An unexpected error happened during initialization with the error code “PR_ERROR_GENERAL”

I’m pretty hacked off, this is a brand new machine and not really what we were expecting.

As a side, the supplied tank is showing something like 23000% over used, which I assume is a firmware bug?

I have contacted our supplier, but they have said they will need all day to investigate, and frankly this is a problem as we need the thing printing!

Any advice?

Thanks, in advance.

Can you update the firmware?

Hi @jyardley,

I’m so sorry that you’re running into trouble! This is a complex issue that could relate to a number of things that happen as the Form 3 initializes. As such, I’d recommend reaching out to our support team—they’ll be able to get you back to printing as quickly as possible!

What ended up happening with this?

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