Brand new Form2, nothing is on the platform after print

I’ve been reading support articles stating the importance of the tank being clean. The tank was clean because the thing was brand new.

First print: Castable v2 resin, 25 micron, ladies ring
Result: Nothing was on the platform when I came in to the shop in the morning, even though I got an email stating the print was complete. found a support base in the resin pool and a few other particles. Removed all particles.

Wanted to do a faster test print:
2nd print: Castable v2 resin, 100 micron, 3x3mm cube as a test.
Result: Nothing on the platform. Found a few small particles in resin pool and removed them.

Found this article:
It says, “try moving the build platform closer to the resin tank’s bottom.
Sometimes a little nudge is enough to make your models adhere and build
correctly.” Exactly how many millimeters is a nudge?? .1 or 10?

Beside lowering the platform, what am I doing wrong?

This is for business use, so I appreciate the help!

From the information you’ve provided, I don’t see anything that you are doing incorrectly. It would help if you could include pictures as well as a .form file.

I’d suggest that you start by dropping the build platform by 0.5mm. You can also reach out to customer support here.

Dropped it down .5 and it appears to be sticking. Thanks :slight_smile:

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