Brain vessel structure 3D printing

3D printing of brain vessel structure which is made from MRA(my mother’s).

3D printer : Form 1 (Formlabs)
material : clear resin (Formlabs)
layer thickness : 100 micron
printing time : about 4 hours 30 mins
More information, photo & timelapse video : please click

p.s. To Meghan (Formlabs staff) : because of you, I can print like this, thank you very much!+_+


This is so great! Thank you for sharing! I’m so happy I could help :smile:


Wow, great model! Must have taken some patience to get those supports off.

This is fantastic, and I like the arrangement with support structures and added color. Would you be willing to share your model on the NIH 3D Print Exchange? Any Creative Commons license can be applied. Visit,