Bonding castable parts

I have an order for a part that due to its design cannot be printed in one piece, So I need to split it and then bond back into one piece, problem is it is in castable, so I have to guarantee it will burn out fully. Is the best option to use the resin and a UV lamp to stick them together?

If you plan on casting these, using resin and a UV laser is your best option. I’d recommend bonding the halves with resin after they’ve been washed in IPA and before they’ve been UV cured. This will strengthen the bond and ensure that everything is cured to the same degree.

Hi Frew
Thanks for the info, any idea what power UV laser and would 405wm be the best option?

A 405nm laser will work and we use a relatively weak 5mW laser that does the trick. The function of the laser is to cure the outer portion of the bond and hold things in place, but most of the actual curing will be done afterwards in the UV box.

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