Best Adhesive for Flexible resin

I have a large part that I’m splitting to print. I have used the resin to adhere the other resins, but am not certain that, because of opacity, that is going to work for the flexible resin… granted it’s ideal, because it’s “flexible” also.

… can a Formlabs person chime in and recommend the best flexivble-to-flexible adhesive?


Use raw flexible resin and a 405nm laser pointer to cure them together. Make sure you wipe the edges clean with ipa first.

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I was hoping someone would say that… you’re certain that I will get a full cure?

Is this a tried and tested method for Flexible specifically? I have a 405 100mW pointer for "spot welding, and a post cure oven to finish it up.

I have used a RapidFix UV light todo the cure for flexible (both in flexible to flexible and flexible to white) with great result. Usually I end up doing two passes. One to just put things together and second pass to make sure it stays put. I think RapidFix is a little under the necessary UV length so I use my curing chamber to remover the stickiness left behind after the light cure.