Optically Clear Adhesive - Seeking Advice

Hello - The design team at Arbor Grace, Inc. is seeking advise on the best optically clear adhesives compatible with post-processed clear resins using our Form2 printer. The design objective is to construct a complicated light pipe system from multiple pieces. Any advise on your successes, adhesive web links, etc. would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Have you tried using the clear resin as the adhesive? Place a couple drops where the parts will meet and while they are being held together aim a blue/violet (405nm) laser pointer every where you want to cure. You can get these lasers for about $20 on ebay. If you have a good way to clamp the piece and dont want to buy a laser or just want to test the idea, you can also just place it in the sun for ~5 minutes.


I would just add that it’s best to do this right after IPA washing and before post-curing, if done carefully the joint is almost invisible.

The biggest issue I have with this method is that most of the time it’s necessary to remove the supports which can cause warping during post-curing depending on the geometry of the part.

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Thanks! Wow. You’d think that would’ve crossed our minds already. We will be trying this soon. And it makes sense to do this pre-cure vs. post-cure, as it’ll fill in small surface defects for improved light transmission through the joint. - Patrick

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