Blinking formlabs logo and light by resin tank

I have been running my Form3 and all has been fine. I switched out resin and now I have the Formlabs logo blinking and the light by the resin tank blinking. It prints fine, the LED board is fine. I get no errors and the parts are fine. Any ideas why.

Hi! This is purely cosmetic, not an error.

Is there a setting that i can turn off the blinking. Idk why but i cant stand it.

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Same thing happened to us this morning when we started a print. There is also a short beep. Continuing the print and hoping for the best!

Hi, can you let us know the serial name of the printer, and our services team will reach out to create a case? Thank you!

SN is wittylark

how can you switch it if, you get crasy from the flashing