Black resin sludge

If Black resin has been sitting in the tank for a long time, a sludge ends up settling at the bottom. Manual mixing as well as heated mixing in the Form 3 does not make this sludge go away (it seems to precipitate out and then will not become a homogenous mixture again after mixing…or at least after a reasonable amount of mixing).

I often manually mix the tank prior to printing to make sure all the pigments are mixed together well since the resin has been idle.

Curious what others are seeing/doing with this sludge that forms? Anecdotally I’ve found that it increases the probability of failure if not removed…but scooping out the sludge and throwing it out seems like it would change the composition of the resin.

Hi Leonhart88!
I had no success with Black resin in my Form 3L. So, I changed for Grey resin. Since that time, I had really good wonderful results. And yes, I had sludge in the tank too ( Last year )

Thanks @BILLUCAS. I’ve had successful Black prints in the past, but it’s sometimes hit or miss after long idle times in the tank because of the sludge.

Apparently removing the sludge will affect prints and make them come out softer and increase print failure…but manual mixing is never enough to incorporate the sludge back in.

It’s been suggested to me that I pour the resin out of the tank and store it in a container to prevent the sludge build up from sticking to the bottom of the tank and increasing failures. This also allows you to shake the resin more vigorously in the container to mix everything back together. The really sludgy bits will stay on the bottom of the container and not get poured into the tank, which I’ve also been told is OK…so I’ll try this and see how it goes.

For reference, the failures I’m seeing right now are on my Form 3.

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