Black resin is cracking...strange circles and pools

Still getting weird issues with my latest batch of black resin …this time things are cracking

Also getting these weird pools I’ve never had before?? unnamed%20(5)

I have grey coming on Monday with a new tray…going to see if I still get these weird ass issues

If you get a weird crack during printing, that’s usually due to a lack of stability for that area of the print.

Those pools are the last layers being printed. Since it is a spherical part, you will see the layer circles closing to a point (virtual).
If critical, reorient the part!


OK , well I’m reprinting in grey when it comes Monday so we’ll see. I’ve been hearing from some people about inconstancy with black v4 carts

I’ve never gotten a pool that deep before

Well guys , SAME file in grey turned out without cracks without major lines …so I think got a bad black cart of resin

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