Best temperature & humidity of form2

I have bought form2, 20 days ago & sometimes my models don’t print as well as I want.
I’m a jewelry designer & working with castable resin.
I want to ask what are the best temperature & humidity of form2 machine when it works and prints.
also I want to know affection of high temperature & wet or dry humidity on form 2 & castable resin.
which condition is the best for maitaining the resin?!
Thank you :wink: <3

The temperature is regulated, so long as ambient isn’t too hot, it’ll always be the same temperature. I don’t have an answer for humidity. Is your workspace unusually hot or humid?

no.It is not humid.I live in which is a mild city.
the temperature is between 20 & 28 in all seasons

Then I wouldn’t worry about it. The heater should be holding temperature and the humidity shouldn’t be an issue. We do do environmental testing and AFAIK don’t see humidity or temperature issues. (I wouldn’t recommend running a printer outside on a hot, humid summer day or in a refrigerator, but both worked when we tried them :wink: .)

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