Best orientation to print fractal grid

i want to print the fractal grid attached , but i want to know the best orientation for printing to avoid having supporting the middle of the grid , as this will block the grid, the grid is 15 mm x 1 5 mm

fractal grid designnn.STL (85.2 KB)

First thing first : I would print this at .1mm resolution, at this will create thicker layers which will be stronger when a single layer-geometry has to survive a peel.

Here’s one way I’d try to print this :

fractal grid designnnn.form (284.9 KB)

Couldn’t avoid placing 2 support points in the middle but these are .3mm points and I believe that if you are careful you will be able to cut them off without damaging the part.

Ideally this should be printed flat, directly on the PB but you’d have to make the grid a bit thicker to 1/ compensate for the Z-axis squishing that occurs in the first 20 layers or so and 2/ to make make the part strong enough to survive being detached from the PB with an exacto knife.

i tried it on the platform , bu t it was so thin , but i tried the orientation you suggested, and i can easily detach the support form grid

thanks a lot for your reply

really appreciated