Best kiln to use with Form 2 ceramic prints? (food-safe at high-temp)

So I was perusing the Formlabs Form 2 ceramic resin user manual, and it mentioned the necessity for,
I quote, a "Cone 8 (1271 °C) or hotter kiln/furnace with external ventilation and digital time/temperature control". The goal is to use this for food safe-mold destined for commercial use. These molds have to be able to withstand high-temperature high oil liquids.

So the thing now is, I know nothing about Kiln, any recommendations? Something that doesn’t break the bank preferably. Preferably under 1000$ (the less the better, within reason) and definitely not above 2000$. Without compromising food safety.

I was also wondering about the glazing process:
My understanding is that Epoxy is not an option for temperatures over 55 degrees °C, and I was considering food-safe ceramic glaze. Advices regarding this are also appreciated.

In my experience unless you are making simple pots or mugs or something similar you are going to have a hard time finding a kiln that is very cheap. But my work with ceramic is for complicated parts so I am doing more than just sintering and am not firing a glaze onto the parts. My kiln was made by Deltech Furnaces design but it is for industrial purposes. But maybe they can make you a cost effective for what you want.

Thank you for the answer :slight_smile: After additional researches, it looks to me like this is all too expensive and complex, and I got a better assessment of a better, previous project idea in between.

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