Best castable resin for dental crowns and framework

Hi, I ve tried the new purple castable… just the best castable I used so far.
Perfect fit of my dental framework, no need for post cure, after you dry it it’s not sticky so you can try it on the model to check the fit.

Really amazing product!

Hello! I tried a cast using my normal wax and purple castable in same flask. Didn’t turn out optimal. What was the investment and burn out cycle you used? I used satin cast, but I think it was the burn out cycle that gave it a sugary appearance.
thanks, Dave

Hi, I use resin vest from whip mix and N&V Z4.

Shock heat worked but for best results start cold and 9°C/min, Hold 1 hour @900

I used the new resin on the same burnout as i use for wax and it worked ok. Surface was better than Castable V2.

I used R&R Plasticast with Bandust. I will try next with the higher resolution and also letting the plaster set for longer.

were you casting this in gold?

No Silver for a test

Hi David, is it fitting as good as the clear resin?
I’ve been using the clear resin to make frameworks for couple of years now and got a pretty nice consistency! The only problem with the clear is the grainy surface!
Can you post some pictures of the print on model before/after casting to have an idea please?
Ça serait super sympas, merci beaucoup!

Thank you very much for the pictures.
The fit looks amazing!! Do you think it’s better than the clear or the grey?
With the clear even at 25 microns the surface in kinda grainy on upper frameworks.
Thanks again!

For me it’s the best castable so far… and so easy to use!!! No post cure!!!

Thanks for the feedback David !!

Hi David hope you are fine
I saw your post about the purple resin do you advise me to use it instead of the gray???

Yes definitely.
You will certainly need a few adjustments, ( I had to increase the cement space for post core…) but this material Is really the best we ever had for our business…

Thanks a lot I will try it and let you know