Best 3D Scanner in the market?

Can you all help me in finding the best 3D scanner to buy? With your experience, I figure this would be the best place to ask, especially in the realm of Dental applications.

I will take any information I can get on accuracy, reliability, ease of use, and cost for a scanner that is good overall, for dental, or whatever it has been used for.

Thank you!

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Hi! For dental application I wasn’t sure if you were looking for an intraoral scanner or a lab scanner so I will talk about both! :grinning: I work at a dental lab and we have doctors send scans to us via intraoral scanners. These are hand-held scanners used to scan the inside of the mouth. Some of our doctors use the 3Shape Trios and others use the Sirona Omnicam. Both are quite accurate and have the same results when printed. Whereas dental lab scanners are more similar to general-use computer scanners in a sense. You place an object into the scanner and the scan is sent to a computer. At the lab we use 3Shape’s D1000 lab scanner for stone models. The D1000 is very easy to use with the 3Shape program and we do weekly calibrations and have not run into any issues with the scanner so far. Unfortunately I’m unfamiliar with the pricing of the scanners but when looking up for the price of the D1000 it seemed to be around 20,000 USD. I saw a used one on eBay for 15,000 USD.

@coffeejelli, thank you for that information! Yes I was looking for an intraoral scanner when I thought of the dental applications, and I think the D1000 is interesting as well. I will look into these some more, thanks again!

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You are most welcome! Best of luck! :grin:

@crossoverinv Unfortunately, 3d scanners are still rather expensive things, especially those specialized for some kind of specific tasks, for example, in your case, dental applications. And when choosing a scanner, many people rely on the budget that they have. Usually the price of top-end dental scanners starts from 10k and then the choice depends also on whether you work in a large clinic that can afford an excellent scanner or you have a private practice. There are cheaper dental scanners for the example of Shining 3d, I heard some people even use standart handheld 3d scanners such as Artec. Hope this helps.

@bigleslie thank you for your response, I have definitely come to realize that the truly good scanners are quite expensive and quality and accuracy are of utmost importance so it hurts to not go for the best. However, I will consider the Shining 3d and Artec, I appreciate your help!

We bought an Einscanner pro… it was less than half the cost of the Artec… and very nearly as good a scanner. We use it on things as small as a few inches, to as large as an RV.

I have the Artec Eva and Artec Space Spider. Definitely need Geomagics for Solidworks for me to make the most use of it. Think the bundle came to $70k or so. Both are great scanners.

Fairly happy with my Einscan Pro. The software is awful but it manages to work. The captures are pretty good. Sometimes you need to spray talc (or similar) on the model, if it’s too dark or shiny. It doesn’t pick up hair. The turntable is awesome for smaller things.