Which software to compare accuracy of dental Models?

Is there a software for free which allows you to compare the accuracy of dental Models! I often see pictures with a color imaging from green to red. Thanks!

Gibt es eine free Software um die Genauigkeit von Modellen zu überprüfen? Man scannt dabei 2 Modelle ein und eine Farbcodierung zeigt die Abweichungen an. DANKE!

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There’s an earlier thread on these visualizations here! The images on our site were done using a program that came bundled with our 3D Scanner but GOM Inspect can be used as well.


I tried Gom inspect and also Volume Graphics but both don´t support dcm. oder stl. files? So I can´t import the models scans from 3shape. It´s necessary to convert the stl. oder dcm. file into an other?