Print accuracy

Does anyone knows how to do this and what software to use.
Really have to double check my print accuracy vs orientation, I think thgis could help.


I think a printed part has been CT scaned.

Yes you print the part and then scan it.
But what software do they use to merge the files? for example.

Ok thanks.

From the GUI, I reckon they use Geomagic Qualify which is a paid software.
I use Geomagic Design X at work which has some CAD features but both has STL alignment features to match design and scan STL files.
The feature in Qualify that isn’t in Design is the surface matching score.
Hope this helps.

Yes it does help!


We printed the part and then did a scan of it afterwards. The software used for that photo was bundled with our scanner but you can also use GOM Inspect for similar results.

Thanks Frew…:wink:

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