Accuracy printing Dental Models for Orthodontics?

What is the Short and Long Term accuracy for printing Dental Models?
We fabricate many appliances from RPE’s, Hawleys and Essix Retainers.
Little concerned after reading a few reports that are unfavorable.
We are using the new Gray V3 Resin.

You should check out the Digital Implantology White Paper which includes an accuracy study. We printed a model and then 3D scanned it afterwards to measure the deviation between the desired and printed model. 93% of the printed model fell within 100 microns of the intended features. This was using DentalSG but you can expect results with Grey V3 to be similar if not better.

Update on our FormLabs 2 Printer.
We have now been printing for over a month. We print at 100 microns V3 Resin. So far we have printed models for the fabrication of Clear Fusion Appliances, Leone Hyrax’s, Essix Retainers and Hawley Retainers. All appliances have fit perfect!
Joe Tortorici
Tortorici Orthodontic Lab
Clear Fusion Appliances

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