Battle Bus - Lamp

I created a lamp out of the Battle Bus from Fortnite. It includes animated interior lights (like in the game) and a candelabra light setup.

Check it out here :

The entire thing can be broken down in to component pieces and worked on.

The bus is comprised of many many Form 2 prints (more than I thought I would need and used more resin than I guessed) and Replicator 2 prints. Also some odd fun things like usb cable and large bendy straws used.

I started this before holiday break and hit it constantly until early March with the Form 2 printing away. It really did a great job of cranking out prints! Knock on wood but in short it was basically 0 failures. I did everything at .5. I ran in to problems with breakage (especially dropping stuff!) and didn’t know what I was getting in to. I literally bought the printer and started making this immediately - choosing all the battles. If I were to do it over I’d have a better idea of what to do. It was very much a learning experience including my first time air brushing (Paasche H Single Action) and doing a model at this fidelity and level. I’m sure you guys know what is involved here. It’s so much more work than it looks with 3d prep, print prep, modifications of prints. prep and painting. And dealing with stuff that just didn’t work at all. A lot of this project was kinda figured out as I went.


This image helps show you what I did. The walls etc… are modular and printed in individual pieces and then glued together. This stuff was not really “keyed” and if i redid it i would (take the time to ) do that.

I come from a background of Replicator 2 printing with a sort of practice in no-support printing. And setting up key stuff takes time and might not line up/work. while the pieces you see in the pic are editable. But. It was really tough.

I really did set it up like the Form 2 worked kinda similar to a Replicator 2. But that changed as the project moved forward.

I dealt with shrinkage and warping. But through planning and luck I covered a lot of it up with suplimentary pieces, like the bumper bars on the side of the bus. Lucky me! and then also Putty and sanding. Also the bus is a messy thing (post apocalyptic type deal) anyways and that helped a lot.

Some things that lined up originally didn’t after weight and pressure :). Some things came out kinda off. A big one is that the back of the hood does not line up with the edge on the front of the cab. You can’t really tell though.
Lots of other things just took sanding and pre-testing. A lot of the project in general took extra time puting things together only to pull it (if not break/glue) apart. Some things in the end do not line up too well and some things did amazingly. I look forward to getting better at form 2 printing to understand what will work best (instead of just throwing stuff at the printer).

A lot of the reason for so many individual pieces is not just to replace parts and modify etc but has to do with painting/masking.


That is outrageously wonderful. I am in awe.

Awesome job. I love it. Also, I can’t believe this is your first airbrush work. Great job!!

This is AWESOME !!