Purple Budda

Hi All,

I thought I’d share a recent print.

This was printed with a prototype black resin, provided by a fellow forum member.

The file is: Smokin buddha by yzorg on thingiverse: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:38758

I used a long exposure time, and sat the piece on my iPad, running my new app ( www.partystrobelight.com) to light it up.

I formed this at about 2.5" tall, with a .05 clear setting.

How can we get some of that black resin? :slight_smile:

Very cool, Ray! I love the lighting.

FYI, the folks that provided me with this resin have a new indiegogo campaign for resins:  http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/high-quality-3d-printer-resin/x/2885406

I’m interested by the fact that you don’t have to put their resin into IPA bath , did you experimented that ? did you try to print the same thing with their resin and formlabs resin ? Can you make comparison to see the definition ?

I’m tempted to order some of that resin, has anyone else here tried it?

I am tempted.  I really like the idea of no IPA.  BUT it has to perform as well as Formlabs resin or better.  I would like to see macro pictures in multiple colors and with prints with all 3 resolutions.  It would be great to see more pictures/information before the campaign ends.