Bad prints out of brand New Form 3


A general question may not be related but I need to ask as I have these same issues as I print a lot of cylinder sections. I received my printer late November and Printer Details it has a Model = Form 3 (early 2019). Do your printers have this same Model number?


Hello yes the same problem parts warped smooth. Holes with o.55mm are closed. with a different orientation oval and parts are deformed. Disaster and embarrassment I’ll return my Form 3 if it doesn’t work soon. You can’t print with them


AFAIK Formlabs changed the model number from ‘early 2019’ when they introduce the 3B


Grey has alway printed better a 100 microns than 50. The problem I have with deep small holes is that the uncured resin doesn’t always clear well. I usually chase these holes with a drill and what comes off the drill is a soft gunk rather than hardened resin.


I`ve seen this too. There is more to the wobbly layer line problem than just vertical surfaces unfortunately. My flat surfaces come out very warped and wrinkly.