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Bad build chamber?

Hi there,

Any help is appreciated. I just purchased a brand new Fuse 1 with 2 build chambers. One of the brand new build chambers has now failed 2 jobs - Error 261 and now Error 259.

The other build chambers print the same jobs just fine. Did I get a lemon?


Hi @vdtruong,

Congratulations on your new Fuse 1! I’m so sorry that you’re having difficulties with that one build chamber. If your other build chambers are printing successfully, then I suspect that the issue is with that particular build chamber and not your machine.

To get this issue resolved as quickly as possible, be sure to reach out to our support team. They’ll be able to investigate your issue more thoroughly and get you back to printing successfully!


we have the same problem with 259!

Is it realy the build chamber?

Greetings Uwe

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