Looking for reviews of Fuse 1 and Fuse +

Hi there!

I’m looking for people that are willing to have a chat about their experiences of using the Fuse 1 or Fuse 1+ printer.

Please send me a message and let’s do this!

Thanks in advance.


What do you like to know?

Thanks for the reply. I have sent you a PM.

Happy to answer questions if you have some.

If you want to spend quite some money and a LOT of time repairing brand new equipment it’s a great choice for you. Added bonus, sometimes you also get to pay €2500 extra for a service technician to come to you and repair their own quality issues, all while still being under warranty.

We’ve had:

One build volume wouldn’t start straight from the box.
One build volume made unusable prints.
Sift broke after 1 day, faulty motherboard.
Touch screen stopped working
Optical cassette read error
Motor problem (they want €2500 to repair despite warranty and printer has made 35 prints)

I currently have 60 emails from formlabs support regarding all issues. Probably spent 2 weeks full time repairing issues which NONE are caused by us.

Just buy yourself a used HP machine and save yourself a lot of troubles…wish we would have.

We have had the fuse1 for I believe ~2years.
For more than a year our machine ran almost 24/7 without sever problems despite regular scheduled maintenances and ware n tare part replacement. We had only one serious down time issue witch was fixed by field visit technician. To be fair it would be very challenging for me to perform that repair without seeing how it should be done.
At the moment we are facing some difficulties what seems to be contamination of the powder. But the support is truly supportive, responding quick and with precise questions and information.
User repair and maintenance manuals are also in relatively high quality.

The thing that you should also consider is post processing. As we are operating the machine in semi industrial use cases - we mostly use the Sift for drum roll - sifting the powder. We are not cleaning the parts in Sift. You really need a blasting cabinet to get the most of it !

Regarding print quality - we had some issues for parts that where placed ,too close’’ to the side of build chamber at the door. We had scaling issues in Z direction. They where within the spec of Fuse1 , but still quit substantial - 2% scaling for 20 cm high part is a lot, when you need to fit together 2 sides of casing.
I have also almost never considered the ,recommended’’ orientation of the parts for the BEST results as for the type of parts we run it would mean very low % of powder used in each print. Also it would be pain to manage.
Overall I believe I have had more frustration with the PreForm software than the Fuse 1.
If you want to discuss something more in private PM me.

Hi, I’ve detailed a recent serious downtime issue with our Fuse 1 here:

Happy to provide more information upon request.

I have a Fuse 1+ printer since the beginning of 2023. Still facing problems but making progress now together with Formlabs support.

Next time I buy a printer the first thing I would do is to run at least two full builds with every build chamber you have, and check prints for layer shifting. There are some known issues with that, it will take some time before a chamber is being replaced, so the sooner you know…

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