Audio Alert for Dashboard

Please could you add an audio alert or pop up on dashboard to notify if there is an error with the printer. Our printer is not in sight when working in the office and often I have other things on my computer screen as well as dashboard so I am not aware that an error has occurred until I actively look. A simple sound warning would indicate that I need to look at dashboard to check an error and speed up printing.

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I’m using the e-mail notification and SMS notification. This is giving me a full trace on my printer.

Give it a try :slight_smile:.

Thank you! I didn’t know this existed and have now set it up.

The only problem might be that it is limited to 7 notifications per print :grimacing: which with the current missing cartridge error every couple of minutes may not be enough

Any time :slight_smile:.

When the cartridge is empty it is notify me once at the beginning of the print. When I click on the continue button its notify me once again when the machine stopped. It is strange if it is notify you every few minutes.

It’s not that the cartridge is empty, it’s a problem with the cartridge sensor which constantly disconnects and then reconnects. Often you just have to pull the cartridge out and then place it back in to get it to read properly. I used the notifications on the last print performed and it said there were too many errors to notify :grimacing:

Hopefully our new printer will arrive soon which won’t have the same issue :slightly_smiling_face:

If its a particular cartridge so it will pass once the cartridge will be replaced.

If its happened to every cartridge, try to clean the sensor with a wet towel with IPA. It looks like they are not well attached together.

Hope you will get your printer soon!