Are there any plans to offer a proper Wax resin for investment casting?

Hi all, I have been watching the Form1 progress with much interest, as it is one of the first affordable, high resolution 3D printers I have seen.  I am very interested in the high resolution and fine surface finish, as the many FDM 3D printers out there just don’t cut it for me.  Anyway, my interest lies in printing wax parts for direct investment casting.  I see that a few here have had mixed results with the standard Form1 resin, but are there any plans to develop a proper wax resin for investment casting, similar to that used by envisionTEC - ?  I think there would be a good market for this resin.


Formlabs mentioned lost wax casting in their first Webinar:

At 10:40 they briefly discuss their plans for resin development.

Thanks for your reply Hans, that sounds very promising.  I will check it out.


I think they should put all their focus on the castable resin, and also a more high-pigment, high resolution resin for jewelry. They should then experience a bigger surge of orders from the jewelry industry.

Yes, I agree.  I just hope the Formlabs people are listening to us! :wink: