Another failed print

OK so this one the largest portion of the geometry was closest to the build plate.

Any ideas what went wrong, how to avoid this problem (short of using a solid fill) would be greatly appreciated.

A few general tips:

  • Make sure to check the layers one by one and observe if they will print fine without supports or not.

  • Check your resin tank and PDMS layer. After a few failed prints you might have to clean any solidified resin which might be causing failures for your prints. In the worst case you’ll have to filter out your resin.

  • Check Formlab’s designing and printing guide. I’m not sure where exactly on their website I found it but it is very handy.

We noticed you have a few posts regarding printing issues on the Form 2. You did a great job displaying the issue and the black marker is certainly a good touch to show where the errors are. I encourage you to get in touch with support via this form: and we’ll help you to get this resolved.

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