Another event trophy and tip on clear resin

Printed on a Form 2, Clear Resin, .5 micron setting.

These were assembled from a mix of an Aquila file from Thingiverse, with additional support added and the ‘Event disc’ which was mostly Blender with a bit of Meshmixer.

Hand painted for the black and gold part.

The clear resin tip is this - if you apply Future floor polish to the printed model after cleaning it makes the ‘clear’ aspect much stronger (it’s more clear). This is a trick I use on model aircraft canopies but it works great for printed resin as well.


I see you’re a Warhammer 40K fan. Same here. If interested, I posted an slightly more detailed Aguila (a bit more 3D than a flat extrusion) on Sketchfab, which you can download for your trophies.

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That’s nice work. No legs yet? That would be excellent on the side of a tank turret. :slight_smile: Or a banner top.

Been doing 40k for a very long time (since 86-87 when it came out). Canadian national champion in '99. Been running the Astronomi-con events since 2001. That’s what the trophies are for.

Mike (Senekal)

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