Annotating notes on a print is Missing when selecting print

Hello everyone, on our 3B+ Dashboard, the ability to add notes to a print is missing.
Anyone experience this issue?


Hi @Innovation,

I just reached out to our Dashboard team to let them know. I will reach out with an update once I hear back!

Hello Corey, should I put a ticket in for this? This function is part of our QC documentation.
Take care

Hello @Innovation,

I have brought this up to our Software Team and they had said that due to limited usage from our users; with that being said, I am trying to track down the appropriate person to see if we can get them re-enabled. You can feel free to submit a ticket as well, but I don’t think it will get anything moving any faster just yet. I will be reaching out with an update as soon as I hear back!

Hello @Innovation,

I heard back from one of the members of our Software team and they said that although it is gone at the moment, they do plan on bringing it back. However, they do not have a solid date just yet.

They did ask for clarification on how you use the notes section for QC, as this is an intriguing prospect. Any context you can provide would be helpful for us to learn how our user base utilizes this tool that they had thought had gone mostly unnoticed. Thanks for any information that you can provide!

on the notes, it provides options for providing details on the print especially as it failed. We use if for comments or reference as well. I pull the data from the dashboard into excel and have built reporting, The notes sections was a value added field for this analysis and our operational reports/dashboard. We used the feature; were developing some controlled text and categories that I could parse and use in our reports.

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Hi any ideas on when the notes will be reinstalled? Thanks

Hi @Innovation,

Although we don’t have a solid answer just yet, one of the members of our Software Team would actually be interested in chatting with you a bit about your workflow. Is that something that you would be open to?

Hi Corey, that would be wonderful. How do we make that happen?

Hello Corey, checking back on the notes function being re-implemented to dashboard function. Again this is value adding in our workflow. Any comments from the Software Team at Formlabs last discussion was August 2022. No one reached out to me either. Thanks! :woman_scientist:

Hi Innovation,

I’ve just reached out to Corey and the team about this request to see if there is an update on this (we’re working on getting in contact as we speak) - apologies for this gap and we’ll make sure to keep on top of this - thank you for your patience!

Hi @Innovation,

I’ve sent you a DM in regards to this - please go ahead and check it when you have the chance!

Hi all,
This was also a feature that we found quite beneficial when using our Form 3, especially for explaining; reason of failed prints, observations and correctional steps, but this was also beneficial for developmental purposes to explain differences between two revisions of a visually similar part.
Kind regards.

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I was looking for the option to make notes for prints on dashboard, will it be reinstated? It would be so helpful.

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Hi all,

Thank you for sharing your input on this - I’ve gone ahead and resubmitted your feedback on this in order to get more eyes on this topic. I agree that this sort of annotation feature would be useful for keeping prints organized on Dashboard.

Hi @Innovation @LMedical , we re-introduced ‘Print notes’ on the Prints page for prints in printing state and print history. It is a new column. When you hover over the the print card, a message icon appears. If you click on the icon, a window appears where you can enter the note. If a message is there for a print already, the icon is always present. We don’t yet have a support article for this feature, in progress. Let me know if you have any feedback or comments!


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