And another interesting failure

I got a photo from a customer showing a weird blemish on a part I sent him last week. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t there when I packed the piece and I can’t work out just what a=has happen since it looks as if there is a split along a print line.

It was printed in standard grey resin on a Form2

Did you cure it before shipping? Could this be shrinkage? Maybe cold weather followed by heat causing stress on the print line?

I have never cured grey resin.

The customer described the fault as; “it resembles a spike pushed into the lower RHS below the handrail holes” and none of the packaging was damaged.

I don’t think stress by itself would give the appearance of a ‘spike’. I’ve asked for the piece to be returned to me so I can see what is on the inside, which may give me more of a clue.

Damn, that’s pretty weird indeed… You’d think it was something floating in the tank that got stuck between layers.

That was my first guess

So wait, that wasn’t there after printing?
Any chance the customer tried to hammer something in?

Generally speaking, things don’t jump out of a print like a bird hatching, on their own, no matter what’s inside and how the object was post-cured. So i’m guessing this must’ve come from the outside.

The crack itself is consistent with what you normally see if you try to e.g. hammer a nail or a divot into a hollow-shelled print.

Yep, some customers do weird things…

I’ve ask for him to send the piece back, so that I can see what that ‘spike’ really is. It looks like a piece of support rod, but who knows.

Just for future projects…
The man who worked on my home’s septic system took photos documenting his work from excavation through completion just to have visual proof of work performed should a complaint be lodged at some later date. He gave me a copy of the photos.

Probably would be a good idea to photograph your prints prior to packaging and shipping them to your customer…Just a thought.

To me, it looks like a broken piece of support is stuck in a pressure-blowout hole, but a pressure-blowout wouldn’t make sense with the small hole to the left. It’s also slightly possible that a small piece of support was floating in your resin un-noticed, and just got incorporated into the print, and the holes around it reflects poor layer adhesion near the included support until the build gets past that extra height.

Neither of those hypotheses would explain it going out normal and then coming back from the customer like that, though.