Allow for supports with the part still being on the BP surface

To keep the amount of reworking as low as possible I try to minimize the use of supports and print parts right on the build platform surface. This works for some, but far not for all parts, as important support structures are missing and must be manually included via Meshmixer & Co. I would love an option in Preform to keep the part on the build platform surface and attach supports either from the part itself (internal supports) and/or additionally (if needed) from outside the part from the build platform (as meshmixer would do).

Hope that you guys agree?


@PeterBechtold I definitely agree that would be a very useful feature. Stay tuned :slight_smile:!


@PeterBechtold We now have a PreForm beta with this feature available! If you are not a member of the Software Beta Program, you can sign up in Dashboard (there’s a link in the left navigation sidebar). Cheers!


Hey thanks, will check it out! :slight_smile:

The On Build Platform feature went public in the recent 2.18 release.
Let us know how you like it!

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WE LOVE IT!!! :grinning: